Friday, February 8, 2008


Yes-- I am a marathon runner that works in the mortgage business for a living, or I am a mortgage banker that loves to run!

I am also a family man. Happily married for over twenty years, and the father of 6 wonderful children.

I like to think that my training and racing in marathons prepares me for the rigors and trials of everyday life. If I can run 26.2 miles as fast as I can, and not give up- then surely I should be able to:

  • go the distance to get a difficult loan approved.

  • always show my lovely wife the love and respect she deserves.

  • be patient and caring with my kids and their problems.

I love my life. I hope you enjoy reading about the ups and downs in the life of a regular guy that fights the battles of home finance, endurance running, and our family of eight.

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