Friday, February 22, 2008


Have you ever noticed that when a dead body is found, it is usually by a runner? That's because runners are often out beating the streets before dawn. We're in parks, roads, trails, canal roads, everywhere. The adrenaline is high and we're on alert for careless drivers and vicious dogs. I have never seen a human body while running, nor do I want to.

But I have seen some amazing sunrises, beautiful scenery, and unusual wildlife. Recently on a long run, I came across, these two buffalo. Looks like a cow and calf. Kinda cute and fun.

I think that some Saturday morning my family gets a little tired of hearing my tales of the sights I have just experienced. But they were interested in the buffalo, because for years I had talked about raising them for meat. Right now we are are to busy raising 6 kids to venture into buffaloes.

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