Monday, February 25, 2008


For the last few weeks I have had a pain in my right heel when I run. A couple of mornings as I started my run, it felt so bad, I had to stop and go back home. Last week I went to the doctor, who diagnosed me with a strained Tibialis Anterior Tendon. He said the only way to treat is with rest, no running! So for the next three weeks, I have to wear this awful boot on my right foot. It is sweaty and difficult to walk in. Everyone asks about it, because it looks like I broke my ankle. Doctor thinks I might need some orthopedic inserts in my running and work shoes.

I will just have to tuff it out and hopefully I can ease back into running soon. My long term outlook is great. The worst thing is that I miss my team relay race this weekend, the Ragnar Del Sol Relay. Del Sol is my favorite race of the year. It is a blast! I will still be going with my team The Knights of the Buffet Table. My alias was to be Sir Loin. I am the official van driver, cheerleader, and photographer. the race takes about 24 hours, from Friday to Saturday afternoon. Last year we took third place in our division, thanks to the elite athletes I was running with. GO KNIGHTS!!

Am I still a runner, if I am not running at all? Today I feel like I am. I miss it terribly, but I do enjoy sleeping in past 5am.


The Freemans said...

Hi! It's Jason's wife, Kristin. I know how you feel in not being able to run your race. I just had to cancel my trip to Moab today. I still have a bit of the tendonitis and also two giant blisters from London's Run that just won't heal. Probably because I keep running on them. I figured this was the last time I was going to run the Canyonlands race and was excited to go. It's awful not being able to run.

Steve & Oneita Jeffs said...
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Anonymous said...

Marathon Mortgage Man????? Sounds like you've made a bad deal and you're on the run.......question, how many are chasing you???? ")

See if you can even remember who I am.....hmmmmm

Anonymous said...

Let me add one more hint, because by now, between running numbers all day and then running all night, you've probably lost your train of thought.

30 years ago we shared a room together in Glenrothes, Scotland.

I'll let you run with that, I'll check back to see if you've got a clue.....cheers!